Sam's baptism

"Megan, are you packed?" said Mum.

It was the end of their holiday. The sun had shone, the swimming pool had been warm, and Megan had made friends on the caravan site. Now it was time to go home.

"That's everything, Mum," said Megan. "Can I go and say goodbye to my friends?"

"Don't be long. We need to go. We have a lot to do before Sam's baptism tomorrow."

The car was packed. Megan and Ricky squeezed into the back seat, next to a bag of wet towels.

"Mum," asked Megan, "what's going to happen to Sam tomorrow?"

"We'll go to church together," said Mum. "During the service the minister will hold Sam. He'll draw a cross sign with water on Sam's forehead. Then we'll tell Sam that we welcome him into God's family. We tell Sam that we all belong to a very large family, the family of God."

Megan and Mum talked about the service all the way home.

"Mum, have you seen Rabbit?" asked Megan at bedtime. Megan always took Rabbit to bed with her.

"I haven't unpacked all the cases yet," said Mum. But Rabbit wasn't in any of the cases or bags. He wasn't in the car. Megan looked very unhappy.

"Oh dear," said Mum, "I think Rabbit must have stayed in the caravan. Megan, we'll phone the caravan site tomorrow."

A few days later Megan received a parcel in the post. Inside was Rabbit. Rabbit was holding a letter, which said:

My name is Rabbit.
I belong to Megan.
Please look after me.

"Megan, do you remember Sam's baptism?" asked Mum. "In the service, we heard that we belong to God and that God will always look after us. He never forgets us. Now think about the letter in Rabbit's paw. It says, 'I belong to Megan. Please look after me.'"

Megan gave Rabbit a hug. "That's how God thinks about us," she said. "Rabbit, you belong to me and I will look after you, just like I belong to God and he will look after me."