Introducing 'Omelette'

"Megan, what are we going to call your hamster?" asked her mother.

Megan was playing with her new pet, a golden hamster. Suddenly the hamster jumped out of her arms. He landed on the kitchen table. As Megan tried to catch him she knocked a box of eggs on the floor. The eggs broke and made a big yellow puddle.

Megan and her mother looked at each other. They both started to laugh.

"I know," said her mum, "we'll call him Omelette! Now catch him and then help me clear up. I don't want Ricky to slip over."

Ricky is Megan's four-year-old brother. He's two years younger than Megan. Ricky can't walk very well and everyone in the family helps to look after him.

"Ricky," shouted Megan, "we're going to call my hamster Omelette."

Ricky was watching Tweenies in the front room. Ricky loved Tweenies and Megan had given him a Jake doll for his birthday.

"That's a funny name," said Ricky. "Megan, Omelette likes Tweenies. He's watching them."

Megan ran into the front room just in time to see Omelette scramble under the big settee. It took her ages to catch him.

"Megan, come on. You're going to be late for Rainbows," said her mother. "Go and put your uniform on."

"I've got to make my Rainbow Guide Promise tonight," said Megan.

"You won't be making any promises unless you're quick."

Megan ran upstairs. She put on her green tabard over her t-shirt and shorts and grabbed her baseball cap.

Ricky and mum were in the car by the time Megan was ready. Megan pulled the door shut behind her.

"Now, let's go over your promise," said Mum, as they drove to the church hall. "I will do my best to love my God and to be kind and helpful. You've got your uniform and, when you make your promise, you really will belong to the Rainbows."