A story inside a story

Alex and Sean thought the summer holiday had been good. Mum had said that they could each have a day to choose their favourite outing and both brothers thought this was a cool idea. Sean chose first and they all went to the 'Theme Park'. Mum just watched and smiled - it was a bit expensive to pay for her to have rides too. The boys had a great time!

The next day Alex chose the zoo. He and Sean were determined to see every animal as quickly as possible. Mum said some of the animals looked a bit sad and please could the boys slow down a bit as her legs ached!

The boys could not believe it when Mum said that for her choice she would like to visit a famous garden.

"What for?" asked Alex sullenly, with his chin sticking out.

"Can't you walk round our garden at home?" suggested Sean, "and then we can all go to the beach today."

Mum said, "No".

The garden visit was not a success! Sean wouldn't stop moaning and he kept deliberately getting lost. Alex had a big telling off from the garden attendant for running on the grass, even though Mum had asked him not to. In the end Mum, looking tired and pale, said "Time to go."

Sean whispered, "Great, we won't be coming here again." Alex didn't dare ask if Mum had had a nice day.

Back at home, Mum rather quietly said that the holiday had given her an idea for a story. Mum's story, 'The Visit', was about a girl called Asha.

Asha's Mum took her shopping for special party clothes! She was thrilled with them, but on the way home Mum wanted to call on elderly Mrs King who wasn't very well. Asha was furious, and she made sure that everyone knew that she didn't want to be there! She was rude about Mrs King's cat and she spilt her drink on purpose, to mention just two of the things that she did!

Alex and Sean read Mum's new story at bedtime. "You know your new story, Mum?" Alex paused, "well, I don't really like it".

"Why don't you like it?" asked Mum calmly.

"Because it makes me feel uncomfy inside" muttered Alex.

"Oh," said Mum "I wonder why . . ."