Lewis and the theme park

"Lewis! Wait a minute! I've got some news." Nicola was running down the street, trying to catch him up. "Wait!" she shouted.

She panted up to him. "I thought you'd never hear me! Guess where we're going on Sunday?"

"No idea," Lewis said.

"Mum's taking us to that new theme park, and she thought you might like to come too!" Lewis stared at her. He'd wanted to go ever since he heard about it. "Please say you can come!"

Lewis was just about to say, "Of course I can!" when he suddenly had an awful thought. He couldn't go anywhere that Sunday. It was Mothering Sunday, and the whole family had planned something special for Mum. 'But I want to go so much! I'm sure Mum will understand,' he thought. And so he said, "I'd love to come!"

Nicola was so pleased that Lewis could come. He forgot all about his mother and Mothering Sunday. Lewis rushed into the house - and there, peeling potatoes, was his mum. "I thought you were going out with Danny's mum today," Lewis said.

Mum dried her hands. "I was going to, Lewis, but I decided not to. Elliot's cold is bad, and I remembered tonight was our last chance to practise your part in that play about the war."

Lewis looked at her. "You were really looking forward to going out, weren't you Mum?" he asked.

"Yes - but I can always go another time."

Lewis thought, 'I can go to the park another time. I should be at home this Sunday.' He stood up. "I've got to tell Nicola something she needs to know," he said. "I won't be long." And he hurried over to tell Nicola that he wouldn't be able to go to the theme park after all.