Tom's birthday party

Katie heard the doorbell ring. More people for Tom's 18th birthday party. There'd never been so many people in their house before!

Tom hugged the two new visitors.

"This is my Auntie Dot and Uncle Ken," he whispered to Katie. "They've come all the way from Glasgow to see me!"

Tom took them in the living room, where everyone was giving him presents. The presents weren't even exciting . . . not like when she got 'horse -riding Barbie' at her sixth birthday party. She'd never met half of these people. They weren't her Aunties and Uncles anyway! Tom was Katie's step-brother, Dad's son from his first marriage.

Katie stomped upstairs, stopping to admire her new sparkly T-shirt in Mum and Dad's mirror. On the dressing table was Mum's make up bag. Maybe if she looked prettier, people would take more notice of her . . . Katie put on some pink lipstick, and lilac eye shadow. Yes, that looked smashing. She added just a bit more, (so you could see it properly) then went back downstairs.

Mum turned round and stared at Katie's face. She didn't look as pleased as Katie had expected!

"What on earth have you done to yourself? Get that washed off right now!"

Tom's Auntie Dot who had seen Katie's face, began coughing in a strange, laughing sort of way.

"The lassie's only having a bit of fun, Sue," she told her Mum. "Us oldies must seem very boring!"

Mum stopped looking quite so cross.

"You know those special cheesie biscuits you helped make - the ones we always make for our birthdays?"

"The ones shaped like letters?"

"Yes. Well, if you go and wash your face, you could take them round to everyone while they're having a drink."

Katie shot upstairs and washed in record time.

"That looks more like my girl!" said Mum, and handed her a plate of biscuits.