Nicola's diary

January 22nd

Dear Diary

Well, it's finally happening. Mum and Dad are getting divorced. That's official - it's not like being separated. Being divorced means that their marriage is over. I asked Mum if that meant Dad wasn't my Dad anymore, and she said of course not, but everything's going to change. I know Dad moved out some time ago, but I always hoped he'd move back.

I hate the way they're being so reasonable about it. They don't yell at each other or scream or break things, like on television. Dad just said he couldn't live with Mum anymore - and Mum agreed. Just like that! It was all so cosy (I don't think!), with them sitting us all down together in the lounge for a chat. Yes, they said we could all go on seeing each other, and just because we're staying with Mum, it doesn't mean we haven't got a Dad . . . all those things. They make it sound okay, but it's not. I wonder what went wrong. Was it my fault? Why is this happening?

March 13th

Dear Diary

Dad's coming to take us girls out soon. He's got his own place, and he says we'll be able to come and visit, but not yet. I wonder what it'll be like? It's weird. You know your parents aren't perfect, but you still keep a dream in your heart that actually, deep down, they are perfect, even when they're not. I suppose I feel let down. Aren't parents supposed to stay together? Whose fault is it? Did we make them fall out of love with each other? What do I do? Be horrible? That won't help. Mum's made us all promise to be good when we go out with him, and I'll try. It's just . . . strange.

November 14th

Dear Diary

Mum brought a friend home from work for tea. His name's Joseph. He's from Ghana, he says. They work in the same ward as nurses. The way they were looking at each other and laughing at the same jokes was sickening. Is he just a friend? I ought to ask, but I'm scared. I don't want to find out. Ellie and I just went up to our rooms as soon as tea was over. It was embarrassing. What does Dad think? Does he even know? I feel like piggy in the middle. It's not fair making me have secrets from Dad. Should I tell him? I don't know. Who should I ask?