First ADE

"What're you going to do?" said Danny.

"Dunno," said Alex, shrugging his shoulders. "Hope Ellie's got an idea."

The boys jumped off their skateboards outside number 10 as Ellie came out with Pedigree Chump, her dog, on a lead.

"Hi, Ellie. Got any ideas about the Talent Spot?" asked Danny.

The children at Morris Way Primary School had come home with a letter about a Talent Spot Auction. The school was running a project to kit out a Games Room for the people who lived at the Chestnuts Old Folks Home. The idea was that everyone offered to do something free for other people. The person for whom they used their talent would pay for it, but the money would go towards the project.

"Mum says charity belongs at home," said Ellie.

"You're no help then!" said Alex. "What if we did something together?"

"They'd pay us not to sing!" laughed Danny.

"How about if we said we'd . . . er, take a dog for a walk or wash a car and hoover the inside?"

Ellie and Danny looked at Alex. He might be the youngest but he usually had the best ideas.

"We could call ourselves 'First ADE'," suggested Ellie. "A for Alex, D for Danny and E for . . ."

"Ellie-phants!" shouted Danny.

Ellie gave Danny one of her looks.

"What about my skateboarding?" said Danny. "There won't be time for that if we're cleaning cars!"

"You can give the board a miss for once," said Ellie.

"Doesn't your granddad live at the Chestnuts?" asked Alex. "I bet he'd use the Games Room."

On the day of the Talent Spot Auction, Alex, Ellie and Danny stood together holding a card with the words 'First ADE' printed in Alex's best writing. Nervously, they told all the parents and friends of the school what they were offering to do.

The bids started at 5 and slowly went up.

"Hope we reach 10," whispered Danny.

"Hope the car isn't too big and dirty!" whispered Ellie.

"No more bids, then 15 pounds it is," said the auctioneer.

"Well done, you three," said Mrs Snow, their class teacher.

First ADE worked hard for their 15. Several months later, Morris Way Primary School had an invitation from the Chestnuts to a Games Evening.

Alex, Ellie and Danny were the first to go.

"Excellent," said Danny afterwards. "It was worth missing my skateboarding. I'm really glad we helped."