Rainbows to the rescue

Roshni was looking forward to Rainbows. They were going on a scavenger hunt in the park. Megan, Katie and Roshni were in the same group.

"And while we're walking to and from the park," said Squirrel, the Rainbow leader. "I want you to think of something the Rainbows can do to celebrate the centenary of the church hall."

"We're making a local map at school," said Katie.

"Mr Jones, who lives down our road, said the residents of 'The Chestnuts' are collecting money for a bench near the shops," said Megan.

"What can we do?" asked Roshni.

The park was not very far away. Megan looked at the list of things they had to collect for the scavenger hunt. She found a leaf. Roshni found a smooth pebble. Katie searched everywhere for a fir cone.

"Ooh," she said. "I've cut my finger."

Megan and Roshni took Katie to Squirrel. It was not a big cut. Squirrel cleaned it up.

"That's given me an idea," she said. "We can clear up the park to commemorate 100 years of the church hall. That will make it a safer place to play, it will look nicer and people will want to keep it litter free and looking tidy in the future."

The Rainbows made a list of the things they could do to tidy up and improve the park. They planned out what they could do and what they would need help with. Squirrel phoned the council to get permission, and wrote a letter asking mums, dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters to join in. They began straight away by organising a morning to collect up all the litter. Some of the dads took a lot of bottles and cans to the recycling centre near the big supermarket.

"The park looks better already," said Katie.

"My Mum's given me a bag of bulbs to plant," said Roshni.

"Danny's trying to raise enough money to build a skateboard park," commented Megan. "They'll need a litter bin put next to it for all their mess!"