All change

That morning, as Darren left the house to go to college, the whole street looked different. Nothing had really changed - the houses and shops were all in the same places, but it felt different because Darren was seeing them in a new way.

'I've lived here all my life,' he thought. 'Why does Dad want to move?'

He thought back to their conversation last night at tea-time.

"We could both be nearer to your college and my teaching job," his Dad had said. "I could start cycling to my school. I've always wanted to beat the traffic jams. You wouldn't even need to catch a bus if we found the right area."

"But why now?"

His Dad's face had changed. "Well, since Mum's accident, I've always found it strange living here with all the memories. Perhaps we could both do with a fresh start somewhere else. You're 16 now, and you want to start living your own life. They say a change is as good as a rest. What do you think?"

What did he think? Darren didn't know. All his friends lived near here, and he didn't want to lose them. They'd all gone together to primary school and senior school.

"You'll see lots of them at college, won't you? It's not as if you play in the street now."

Darren wasn't sure. Of course, he knew that lots of people moved house. That didn't mean he had to. After washing up, they'd sat down to talk about it. Dad had found a large piece of paper, and together, they had tried listing all the reasons for and against moving. That helped. Dad had said he wasn't completely certain about moving, and Darren had said he understood the idea about making a fresh start, but wasn't sure he needed one in the same way that his father did. They had also looked in the property section of the newspaper to see the sorts of houses that were up for sale, and that had been useful too. It showed just how many choices there were.

"Of course, we could also just stay here." Dad had added. "Is that what you want?"

Darren was still thinking about that now as he stood at the bus stop. That's the problem with making decisions - even choosing to do nothing is making a choice as well!