Bad foundations

Danny and Alex were kicking an old can about in Park Road. Just as the can crashed against a car, Ellie came out of Number 10. Tugging on her lead was Pedigree Chump, Ellie’s dog.

"I've got to take her for a walk," said Ellie. "Are you two coming?"

"Might as well," said Alex.

"Let's go down by the old factory," said Danny. "Chump can chase some rabbits."

Not far from Park Road was a factory which had closed down years ago. It was fenced off and there were large notices telling people to keep out. Now the fences were broken and the notices fading. Danny scrambled under the fence, followed by Alex and Ellie. Chump pulled away from Ellie and raced off after a rabbit - her lead trailing behind.

Ellie, looking worried, ran after her dog. The boys followed her past rusting machinery, a broken down lorry and a stack of rotting pallets. They could hear Chump barking in the distance.

"Look," shouted Ellie. "She's over there."

The dog stood above a rabbit hole about fifty metres away. Between the children and the dog were the factory foundations. These were deep holes partly covered by rotten floorboards. Pedigree Chump had chased the rabbit straight over the boards.

"We can't go that way," said Ellie, "those boards aren't safe. We'll have to go round by road."

"That's your choice," said Danny. "I'm going the short way."

He ran towards the old foundations.

"Well, we're going by road," said Alex. "Come on, Ellie."

It took Alex and Ellie several minutes to get to the road and then back onto the factory site. When they got there, Pedigree Chump, tired of barking at a hole, ran over to Ellie, who grabbed her lead.

"Where's Danny?" said Alex.

Just then, they heard a shout. It came from below ground. Alex and Ellie walked carefully towards the foundations and looked down. There, sitting in a pool of oily water, was a very unhappy looking Danny.

"I think I made the wrong choice," he said.