Sorting out

"You MUST be throwing this in the bin!" Sean, held up a one-eared rabbit from the toy pile on Linford's bed.

"No way," laughed Linford, pushing it under his pillow. "I've had him since my first birthday. It took Aunt Lizzie a whole year to make him!"

Sean was trying to help Linford tidy his room so that Linford's Mum could begin decorating it. "What about these Teletubbies videos? These old comics?"

"Mum said keep things like that for the Autumn Fair. Put them in that box on the bed."

Sean dropped them in, and took out a Transformer. "You're not getting rid of this are you? It's ace!"

"They're boring. Do you want it?"

"Thanks Linford, that's cool." Sean stuffed it in his pocket.

"Oh. I nearly forgot!" he said, and pulled out five football sticker packs. "Dad brought these back from France for you and Ben. Any good for your albums?"

"You bet!" grinned Linford. He'd wanted some French stickers for ages. "I'll phone Ben now."

Ben hurried round. Sean gave them two packs each. They opened the fifth together. Ben couldn't believe it . . . the captain and the goalie. He needed these to finish his 'French' page.

Linford was equally excited . . . "Wow! My two best players! Let's see if they're in our other packs." They weren't. "Toss for them?"

Ben agreed. Linford won the toss.

Ben tried to hide his disappointment, and muttered, "Thank your Dad for these, Sean."

Linford felt bad. He pointed to two Chelsea player stickers in Ben's pile. "Hey, I need those two to finish my Chelsea page. Swap?" He held out the French captain and goalie.

Just then Linford's Mum shouted, "Lemonade and biscuits for the workers! I hope you're sorting things out!"

"Yes, Mum" he replied, "We're getting sorted!"