Lewis stared at the blank computer screen, wishing it would fill up with words.

"Mum!" he called out to the kitchen. "What's 'generosity'?"

"Why?" she answered.

"I've got to write a play about it for homework. I don't know what to do! Can you help me?"

"Lewis, I'm not doing your homework! It's got to come from inside you, not me! Anyway, I'm cooking your tea. Do you want to help me?"

"Please, no, I've got to get this done for tomorrow! Can I ask Dad?"

"He's just back off duty, but he'll be going down to the park in a minute. You can try."

Lewis found Dad upstairs, packing his sports gear. "Dad - what's 'generosity'? It's for my homework."

His father paused to think, then spoke. "It's when you give of yourself, and you don't expect anything back. For instance, nobody pays me to run the youth club football team. I just do it because it helps the kids down there." He zipped up the bag. "There, will that do?"

Lewis didn't know. Could he turn that into a play?

His gaze wandered to a photo on the wall.

"Who's that?"

"That's your Great-Grandfather Eric from Trinidad. He served in the Trinidad Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. I've got his medals somewhere. Could you write about him? He volunteered to serve his country, and that's a kind of giving. Look, I've got to go now. The kids will be waiting. Some of the younger ones might start messing about if I'm not there. Why not come and help?"

Lewis made the kind of face that said "No, please don't ask me again!" Dad shrugged, smiled, said goodbye, then headed downstairs.

Lewis went to the window and gazed out into the street in desperation. He had to write about something, anything! Outside, it was starting to rain. Big raindrops began falling, and people were putting up umbrellas or starting to hurry indoors. Pretty soon, it was falling heavily. They must be getting wet down at the field, he thought, but he knew that the grass needed the rain as well. It was odd when you thought about it. Everybody, whoever they are, good or bad, gets the same weather. The sun shines or the rain falls on everyone, no matter who they are, whether they deserve it or not. It just happens. It's like a gift. But who was the gift from, and what did that have to do with generosity?