Broken, not destroyed

Megan was busy. She was decorating eggs as Easter presents for her family. She put the final egg back in the egg box and proudly placed them on her bedroom windowsill to dry.

A car door slammed outside. Dad must be home! Megan dashed downstairs.

Later Megan wandered back upstairs to check on her eggs. Dad heard a wail and found her crouched over an upturned egg box. The eggs were colourful lumps of smashed eggshell.

"They're ruined," sobbed Megan. "Your Easter presents are all smashed!"

Dad quickly realised what had happened. He closed the window to stop any more wind gusting in. Megan gazed at the shapeless smashed eggs.

Suddenly Megan stopped sniffing and looked up. "Dad, can you help me sort out all the bits of shell? I've got an idea. I'll need some cardboard."

On Easter Day the Cook family were gathering for breakfast, when Megan appeared carrying a tray covered with a tea-towel.

"Happy Easter everyone!" she beamed, lifting the towel to reveal a colourful eggshell mosaic, mounted in a cardboard frame.

"Oh Megan, that's beautiful!" breathed her Mum.

"Egg-shellent!" grinned Dad giving her a hug. "I'm sure those eggs were lovely but this is even better. We can keep this picture on the wall to remind us of Easter. Jesus came to a broken world and created something new, just like your eggs were broken and you created something new out of them."

Megan thought for a moment. "I suppose that's why we have eggs at Easter. Eggs have to break so that the chicks can get out and start their new life." Then she spotted Ricky's face and started to giggle. "Oh Ricky, you're covered in chocolate!"