The fair thing

Megan and Katie went to the fair with Katie's Mum.

Roshni had wanted to go too, but her Mum had said no, because Aunt Beena was coming round.

It was great at the fair. Megan and Katie both had a go at 'Hook a duck', and both their ducks had an 's' on the bottom which meant 'small prize' - only the prizes weren't small to look at! They had each won a giant blow up squeaky flower, one was bright pink and the other was purple.

Roshni went round to Katie's later that night. Katie couldn't stop talking about the fair - she didn't notice that Roshni was very quiet.

"I wish I could have come," Roshni whispered sadly.

"Isn't my flower cool!" shouted Katie bopping Roshni on the head with it. Roshni felt a strange feeling inside of her, a bit like a breeze blowing stronger and stronger until she felt that she had a strong wind exploding in her head.

"Katie," called her Mum, "it's just about bath-time."

"I've got to go now anyway," said Roshni. "Can I have a last look at your flower please?"

"Of course," laughed Katie as she rushed out.

When Katie noticed her flower the following morning it was limp and lifeless. At first, she felt deflated and then she felt ANGRY.

"I'll never talk to Roshni again!" she declared to Megan as they walked to school.

Megan looked troubled. "If it was Roshni," she murmured thoughtfully, "something must have upset her for her to have done this . . . after all she is usually such a good friend."

"Huh!" grunted Katie through gritted teeth.

"I think you should talk to her," said Megan, putting her arm through Katie's.

"Well" said Katie, "I'm not so sure . . ."