What needs painting?

Ben was bored. Everyone was busy. Josh had dashed to the Post Office with a parcel for Laurent, Danny was skateboarding, and Mum and Mollie were out too. He'd called at Linford's, but he was buying a computer table for his newly painted bedroom. Ben looked at his babyish wallpaper - good job you couldn't see much of it for football posters!

Downstairs, Dad was staring at paint charts.

"What are you doing Dad?"

"I'm choosing new paint colours for the Health Centre. Doctor Solanki wants it to look calm and peaceful."

"But I thought you were painting that tatty fence by the library next week," remembered Ben. "You told me NOT to lean on the wet paint - like I did when you painted the school gates!"

His dad laughed, "Your mum didn't think those green stripes on your school sweatshirt were very funny, did she? Anyway, I shan't be painting the Health Centre yet. After the library fence, I'm smartening up the Church Hall for their centenary celebrations. It's a bit dingy inside."

"Is that the funny old building with long windows and an arched door? That's where Mollie and Mum have gone isn't it?"

"Yes, you're right. The Brownies meet there. They're having a toy sale today to pay for some flower tubs to brighten up the front of The Chestnuts old folks home. Now that does look nice and cheery inside. Guess who painted it?"

"As if I couldn't! There's only one place round here you haven't painted," teased Ben. "My bedroom!"