Going back

"It's better, isn't it?" Nicola said.

"It's definitely bigger," replied Lewis.

After a term, they were starting to feel more settled at SINTS (Sir Isaac Newton Technology School). It was lunchtime, and they were walking out along the Science corridor, glancing through windows at mysterious things which they didn't yet know anything about. It all looked and felt very different to Morris Way, their old primary school.

There were more children (sorry, 'students') for a start, and everyone was much bigger than they were. Only a few months ago, they'd been the biggest kids in the school. Now, they were ants in a jungle of giants. Instead of having one teacher, they had 13, and the school had over 70 staff. Instead of working in one classroom, they had to take themselves and their bags to lots of classrooms, and be there at the right time, or else!

"Do you miss Morris Way school?" asked Lewis.

Nicola thought for a moment. "I miss the colours on all those displays and posters and everything else. Some of the classrooms here are all right, but the corridors make it look like it's a hospital. At Morris Way, they'd stick a display up anywhere. It made 'finding out' feel interesting and exciting. Here . . . it's different."


Lewis nodded. "I went back to Morris Way last night, to pick up Linford. It's all so small!" He grinned at the memory. "All the little chairs and desks, and the clothes pegs in the infants that only came up to my waist! It used to feel so big!"

Nicola smiled. "I like the Science labs here. They look like real science labs, where you could do something really dangerous! The ICT suite's good too - much bigger than the computer room at Morris Way. The library's more grown up. And there's the Technology Block. We'll have some real Food Technology lessons at last."

Lewis shrugged. "You can't go back, really, can you? It's all different now, because we're different. This is our place now, and Morris Way is there for the younger kids." He paused.
"Sort of sad, isn't it?"

"And good at the same time. Maybe it's a bit like buying clothes which are too big for you. We'll grow into it."

Lewis grinned again. "And the best way to grow is to eat!"

They headed off to the canteen. The lunches here were rather good!