The Poetry Competition

It was the day of the Poetry Competition and Arun badly wanted his group to win.

"We'e been thinking about friends," said Mrs Robinson, Arun's teacher. "Listen please to this poem:

"I've got good friends, doing what they should friends.
I've got fun friends, playing in the sun friends.
I've got true friends, sticking close like glue friends.
I've got kind friends, always on my mind friends.
I've got glad friends, never ever sad friends.
I've got best friends, never be a pest friends.
I've got dear friends, always very near friends.
I've got grand friends, sometimes hold my hand friends."

"Now," continued Mrs Robinson, "In your groups, think about your friends and each write one more line for the poem. Remember there is a prize for the best group's entry."

Bottoms shuffled on seats, and papers rustled on tables as the five groups of children settled down to work.

"David is always playing football, he is our 'kick-a-ball-about friend'," said Sam.

"Anna is always dancing and singing!" said Chloe.

Anna laughed and so did everyone else.

"I think Sarah is our new friend," said Mrs Robinson. "It's hard to come to a new school but you've all been very kind to Sarah."

Together they wrote:

"We've got kick-a-ball-about friends,
We've got sing and dance and shout friends,
We've got new and old friends,
We've got hot and cold friends -
But all of us have good friends."

Arun took the poem to Mrs Robinson. She read the poem and smiled.

"That's really good, Arun," she said. "Your group has put your friends in your poem. Shall we try to guess who they are?"

Mrs Robinson read the poem to the class.

"What about the 'hot and cold' friends?" asked David. "Who are they?"
"Well, some people are friends for a short time," said Arun, "and some friends stay friends."

"I think that's a very good answer," said Mrs Robinson.