Megan Cook learns to ride

Megan was bored; she stood at the window looking out on Park Road, hugging her toy rabbit. Sean and his friends were having races on their bikes.

"They look like they're having so much fun," Megan mumbled into rabbit's fur. Megan really wanted to join in, but there was one BIG problem . . . Megan couldn't ride her bike! She had tried once or twice but she just kept falling off (and it hurt!). She needed someone to help her.

She looked again at Sean showing off all the tricks he could do. Everyone in her class at school could ride their bikes, even Katie. "Oh, I wish I could ride my bike like that," Megan sighed.

Megan hadn't heard Dad coming into the room behind her, but he had heard what she'd said. Dad knew how important it was to Megan, but he had a hundred other important jobs to do today! He really didn't have time to help Megan out.

He was just about to go and get started at his jobs when something made him stop for a moment. As he did, Megan turned around. Her sad eyes looked at him and Dad realised he had just made a very important decision.

"Come on Megan, let's go and do it. Let's go and learn to ride that bike of yours!" said Dad grinning.

"Wow, thanks, Dad," Megan said, her eyes sparkling with delight and the biggest smile Dad had ever seen spreading right across her face.

Rabbit was given the best view from the window ledge as Megan and her Dad went out with her bike to join Sean and his friends.

At first Megan was very wobbly and fell off a lot but she was very determined. She never stopped trying and at last she was ready to have a go all on her own. Sean suggested a race.

"You'll never win," Sean laughed, feeling quite proud of his riding skills.

Sean and Megan lined up. Megan's Dad counted down: "Three, Two, One, Go!"

Megan gently pushed off and peddled as fast as she could. Sean was already way in front but she carried on feeling so happy to be riding all by herself at last.

She saw Sean doing tricks in front, showing off. The race was nearly over but then . . . OH NO! What was happening? Sean swerved and then fell off!

Megan couldn't believe it! She kept going and crossed the finishing line . . . first!!

Dad announced Megan the winner and congratulated her with a 5 note. Sean was fine; he had a graze on his knee and felt a bit silly inside.

"Well done, Megan, you deserved to win. Perhaps next time, Sean, you'll remember that pride comes before a fall!" laughed Dad.